About Mr.Ahad Azimzadeh

Ahad Azimzadeh, the CEO and owner of “Azim Carpet House”, the main investor and the main brain behind “Ghoo, Middle East Diamond” was born in Esfanjan Village close to Osku, Tabriz.

At age seve, he lost his father. Inevitably, he took the responsibility of his household at early age. Therefore, he couldn’t continue education despite of his remarkable intelligence. At age fourteen, he decided to utilize his seven-year work experience and employ it in handmade carpet industry.

He was able to purchase one quarter of a carpet store in Tabriz. His high precision, perseverance and intelligence in the carpet industry made him to travel to Europe, Germany to get an idea about Carpet niche in Europe. With this mindset, he also visited Geneva, Switzerland. He was determined enough to be the first carpet merchant in the world. On his way back home, he was thrilled to employ the whole experiences he attained from his numerous trips to different European countries to create a massive revolution in carpet industry.

Having this mindset, he established two carpet factories in Tabriz and Esfanjan. This was not the end of story for him, this time he traveled the whole European countries to get deeply familiar with western countries’ tastes and range of products to compatible his own products with western culture respectively.

Afterwards, Azimzadeh’s Chamber in Great Tehran Bazaar turned to the biggest source of nation carpet demand and the biggest supplier of the carpet to showcase the finest and the most genuine art of Iran to the world. This brought him the Golden Award from England as the best handcraft supplier for handmade carpets in Iran. He earned several Global Awards such as, ISO 9001 Certificate, Iran’s first carpet exporter in three consecutive years. Eventually, he inaugurated his first permanent carpet exhibition in Pasdaran Ave, in Tehran to register “Azim Carpet House” enterprise. At the moment, the only official Azim Carpet House store has been transferred to Fereshteh Ave to display the finest art of Iranians.

This enterprise, is known as the most famous Iranian Brand, however, Ahad Azimzadeh was not fulfilled here. His high determinations caused him to take the first step in creating the biggest and the most luxurious recreational, commercial and residential complex in Iran. The idea was inspired from the most glorious hotels also the most famous and successful recreational complexes in the world.

This project is the nation’s biggest hotel which named “Ghoo, Middle East Diamond”. This project is the perfect combination of genuine Iranian art and world-standard techniques, with and area of 180,000 square meters which has demanded millions of dollars investment. This magnificent project is located in Salmanshahr (Motel Ghoo) in Mazandaran Province, in a pure and absolute unspoiled nature. This project is a huge shift in both tourism and commercial project in the nation.